1v1ers are the best at the game

Discussion in 'Match Planning' started by Ayato, Mar 21, 2016.

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    Have a hard time agreeing.

    Times have changed since 1v1 was popular. 1v1 has always been "My skill vs yours" for bragging rights and trash talking. Even casually, that is what everyone is thinking.

    Most top "1v1ers" are mainly Moonlight and Glacier players, Who are just very good gamers. Its not spending the most time possible in blacktop that makes you a good 1v1er. A good 1v1er is someone with good judgement, knowledge over scrolls/mechanics, good at reading players and being unpredictable, etc.

    Really when you look at it, Moonlight doesn't force you to use the platforms or tricks to win. Its all about judgement, playing good, etc. Of course experience with using platforms and drops will give you access to more kills, but 1-2 enough and being last alive will win you the game in the end. As for a moon 1v1, Well a good 1v1er should be just as good on every map.

    As for all guild war/team talk. Yes, playing as a team is a different set of skill. Someone who is very good at helping teammates can be a very big difference in getting a win. However someone who holds his own is very good too. You need to have your priorities straight tbh. Teaming is more about judgement, chemistry, knowing your team and opponents, etc. If you're trying to use this to say your good at the game, well you should be good at 1v1ing, hence holding your own as a player. Cause in the end, you're just going to be a factor in a guild ranking.

    Myself, I probably only did glacier/demo when I joined RF until later 2009? Then I mixed in abit of Moonlight. For me 1v1, Was just to roast people in beefs encountered in rooms.

    I kinda sucked back then, So I sucked at most 1v1s I did. When I joined a few guilds, sparred with players, played teams with the same players, Joined moon rooms with better players constantly and had those friends, My skill level raised. Then when people called me out to 1v1, I actually won. Won to the point top 1v1ers asked me to fight. I wasnt a 1v1er, I lost. But that was damn right good experience. I got 9-0d by CeroBlast. 2 Months later, I beat him and many others (2010ish)

    People who "are 1v1ers" are skilled players who want to test themselves constantly. "1v1ers" today are players who force themself 1 map and think its enough to be good at the game with tons of hidden mechanics and tricks. lol
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    im gonna contradict and say ddosers are best in game , prove me wrong
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    You're all nerds tbh. <3
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    When you get into a game and see a level 88 running default:

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