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    Hi Karos Community,

    4x EXP and 4x Fletta The event will Start at:

    Saturday August 4th, 2018 at 12:00AM (00:00) PDT - Sunday August 5th at 11:59PM (23:59) PDT.

    Make sure that you take advantage of the 4x EXP Weekend Event and not just 3x but 4x up on the EXP + Fletta all weekend long!

    Thank you for all your support!

    RedFox Games
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    May 15, 2016
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    Thank you for Event and Rates on weekend days.
    However, it is worth to see the Auction and what is sold there from the Inventory for Players.
    As a rule, from level 34 to level 70, the entire Inventory can be attributed to absolutely unnecessary for anyone. This is because Players with a small level are almost out of the Game.
    Launching Rates without Drop, takes into account the Interest for Players above level 70. And do we need Experience for Players who have just come into the Game? If over the weekend you can go up to level 50? But there will be a Problem: what to wear at level 52-56, if there is nothing at the Auction? Look at Weapons from 43 to 70 level!
    It may be worth run Rates separately at the Experience? And Flette and Drop together? Once a Week?
    Maybe I'm talking with my Views on the Game and it's not interesting at all.
    The dispute is not going to start, of course.
    P. S. However, for now, specifically, the Game "hangs" - the Screen:

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