Cash Itens Reformulation and Mining Mechanics

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    Good day everyone!

    First of all, sorry for my bad english, I'm a Brazilian player since Beta Version (2006) and I love this game a lot.

    I would like to suggest some changes in these two things, because when this game was on Beta Version (2006), it was designed to be a Pay-to-Play, and some mechanics were designed for that type of game. When they changed the game to "F2P" with cash shop and etc, it was done the wrong way, and some balances need to be made. I have some suggestions:

    1) Specialist Class - Mining, Crafting and Talic Stuff
    As you may have noticed, this class was first designed to be the "blacksmith", but with the Upgraders and removal of mining outside the core, they can't do what they're designed, they cant even put a lvl1 tower without help to get tower materials, etc. And can't farm talics as well.
    And instead of "upgraders", they could keep only the "lucky gem set" item at cash shop, and force all players to put talics in the traditional way, without upgraders...

    2) Type "C" and Superior lvl57+ armor and weapons, Crafting Type "C"
    I Believe these are easy changes to be made in the game, in terms of program code, and would make a LOT of difference in the late game, with all the possibilities and combinations of all the classes, specially the cross-class.

    There are a lot more I want to say, but I'm tired of typing, I'm a lazy man... Thanks for the attention!
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    RF is totally Pay-to-win, and this will never change.
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    I agree, We need armor and weapons type C Lv 57+ , because nowadays lv 55 Armor is craps, almost everyone can kill You if You wear it. But that's necessary for particular abilities like sharp or fine.
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