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Discussion in 'Titan' started by sppark, May 5, 2019.

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    I'm playing RF Online again with a friend of mine, after 7+ years away from this game. Lots of things has changed since last update 4.25, and i can see lots of people confused as me about new stuff on server.

    1. I would love to get help about some questions i have. - Where are the vendors of Armor/Weapon Intense? There's only normal weapon/armors now on HQ.
    2. Main Teleport says [Lv 48] for some places, but when you get there, there's only WHITE level monsters, not able to up my exp. If monsters are white, why the teleport says 48?
    3. Where people can level up to between 45 ~ 50? Until lv45 we can follow the quests, but after that, it's hard to understand where to go. Please, give me solo playing suggestions, because BD needs a lot of people and no one is willing to help.
    4. Where looting? I mean, make money. In the old times, we were goin to dry moor to kill ABA's and get Rian, Gil and Beam, it was the main method to get money. And about now?
    5. Where are the map of monsters after UPDATE? The monsters were removed from known places, now we can't figure out where to find them. The ABA's for example, where are?
    6. And how about the Gold Points and the pigs, I see that some people are getting this gold boxes and points, where are they getting those?
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    Greats Questions, I'm really interested in this topics too. Same case as you, I'm getting back to the game after a long time and facing the same issues.

    If someone could help would be great.
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    37 - 47 you can lvl on TS mobs, for acc - 117, for bells - solus, no idea about cora.
    47 - 50 babas, the 49-50 hard time without exp event.
    50 - 55 in bm on RHS and 53 other mobs in bm. 54-55 very slow again.
    That's what i know so far.
    Also you can farm on TS mobs until 48
    From 48: lab 1
    To get int armor only from pbs / farming.
    Gold points: loot from destroyed chip after CW
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    Best way for Bell is do your Quests. specially the Turncoat Quests in Solus (they are in the Cave :D )
    after that go VC and lvl up there to 50
    then go BM...from 50-53 RHS then from 53-56 Lizards
    lvl 56-58 OCL Naroom Caps
    58-60 Kukra Caps
    60-65 Daily Quests (about 2.5 month without exp grind from 60-65)

    Have fun :D

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