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  1. dodobird123

    dodobird123 Well-Known Member

    Mar 5, 2016
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    I was thinking of an Idea like a bingo log in of some sort. I understand the attendance is sort of how it is how you log in and then you get a prize. But i think something that would be cool is like a bingo where you log in and then you can farm a room for like stamps of some sort maybe play for minutes in game = 1 little stamp or something like that?

    Also maybe if you clear the whole board you could get a perm of scroll or exo of choice. The bingo board could reset every week if you dont log in.
    This could be changed.

    When you log in a new day you get a stamp/number right.
    To get numbers/stamps what you do is play in true battle, arena, battle mode, rumble, or boss mode for at least 2-5 in game time to recieve a stamp.
    Play for 10-15 minutes to receive a guaranteed stamp.

    When you recieve a stamp you go to the corner where everything is right next to Notice and it says Bingo
    once you get your stamp click on bingo then click. Draw it will roll a random number and if you have it on your board it will place it. You can only recieve 5 stamps a day but that can be changed lower or higher.

    Now heres a twist, in shop you can buy stamps and keep drawing.

    There will be two different stamps.
    One is regular stamp which will probably be like 30,000 carats - 150rc

    Guaranteed stamp which will be 50,000rc - 300rc
    Guaranteed stamps put a number on your board that is guaranteed hasn't been drawn
    For example my board reads 5,7,14,75,94,15,34,23 I buy a guaranteed i roll it and i get a 17. I haven't received a 17 yet so it goes on the board

    This is just a simple idea i had its most likely not going to get implemented but i just wanted to see if you all wanted something like this.

    EDIT: in response to BJJ, I was sort of aiming for the idea of the bingo event that was in OGP, glad you support ;)

    :cool:stay frosty m8s:cool:
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  2. BJJfromTheGrave

    BJJfromTheGrave Active Member

    Dec 19, 2016
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    yeah I remember these events from OGP. supporte
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  3. dodobird123

    dodobird123 Well-Known Member

    Mar 5, 2016
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    Edited with more information

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