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Discussion in 'Game Help and Tips' started by Sodashaker, Jul 15, 2020.

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    I don't really know how to describe this so I made a short clip demonstrating what is happening and I will link it at the end.

    I typically play the game in window mode as I watch Twitch streams or play other games at the same time. When I click out of the 12sky2 window it only displays the last frame before i clicked out. The game will continue to play, but it will only show the last frame until i click into it again. I know that it still plays because I can auto hunt then tab out and when i tab in i have gained xp and loot. Is it possible to make it continue displaying like any other game does?

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    The 12sky2 window does stopped in frame when you are not in the actual window playing display. Unfortunately this have been a legacy issue from the game client and requires the player to be in the games widow for it to show action.
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