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    Obtainable From: Mystery Chest Green & Christmas Box
    Requires: Upgrade materials from event Boss mode

    The number 1 scroll on RF. Yellow Dragon and Yellow Dragon RE are the exact same scroll and the exact same ranking, minus the RE skill. Overall, just amazing. Can be top-tier in 1v1 , teams and Moonlight. Insane damage, insane kill potential and insane tools. This scroll can stop all form of escape, movement and allow you to punish somebody so hard whenever you can predict movement or actions.

    PPP: A pretty simple and straight foward combo. Amazing angles, speed and delay possibility. The hitbox is fairly large. Very safe hitstun+recovery combinations. A must use on opponents back. Stun-type launcher.

    PPKK: Two very accurate punches with good angles and delays, followed by a flashy barage of kicks for high damage. Very big hitbox, reaches far and wide. The final input can be done in the air and combo players in free-fall. Can allow for an advance nanmu in a juggle with a wall. Your go to juggle combo for damage.

    KKKK: A very speedy and deadly barrage of kicks. The first kick has enormous hitstun+recovery. It has alot of range, Your legs go so far that you are safe and can pick your opponents with it. The second kick has a huge hitbox. The third kick is a double kick with each one causing you to lift your opponent into the air for a fence hit. The third kick alone is enough to fence due to it being a double, however you can use the last one for a huge knockback, more damage, and 180 degree hitbox range to guarantee the kill on any bridge safetly, in a juggle or not. The damage is very amazing to, Seeing how this 4hit input does a total of 6 hits.

    KP: Same goes with the first kick. You can pressure so hard with it, then the kick combo itself. Throw in these when you want to close the gap of distance or get them by surprised. If the first kick lands, you can punish hard with this too. Its very safe, can avoid panic, extra in air knockback incase the opponent tries to jump away. The guardstun is fairly amazing, allowing you to be safe unless the enemies scroll is ultra fast. Can allow for a bu juggle or low jump kick.

    Cz: A very nice dodge with a cool animation. Huge I frames. Last around a second, second and a half. Can be linked to many tools or can be used as is for pressure or dodging. You have the whole duration of the animation to launch an input.

    CzZ: It will cancel the Cz dodge instantly allowing you to block. Adds I-frames for the animation of it being cancled. Can be done to dodge a hit and punish. Can also be used just to fake a Cz input and then combo if the opponent opens up.

    CzP: An AoE ground stomp that ground hits and guard stuns. Good hitbox, Very safe to use. Can also be used to stop combos and force-knockdown an opponent. Can also be done on bridges to edge (no panic to save them haha) on an angle as a combo breaker. You can safetly block or challenge the opponent with the kick combo after this is blocked.

    CzK: Causes a decent distance dash that is follow by a flashy barrage of kicks that will launch your opponent. Has tons of I-frames, can be used as a combo breaker, recovery roll chaser, free-fall in air, etc. Does decent damage. Can also be used to escape from a player using it on a angle. Your goal is to use it on slow hits or delayed ones for a 100% success rate. The goal is to use this to chase your opponent, deny pressure and also enhance your prediction attempts.

    KP P P PPKK V+PPPPPPPP CzP <--Main damage advance
    PPP/KP P P PPKK CzP <----Main damage
    KP P P KKKK KP <---Edge on angles or damage
    KP K V+PPPPPPPPP <--- Fast advance
    PPP P KKKK KP <--- Edge on angles or damage
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