Isle of Blood/Isle of souls Drops

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ximera, Jul 9, 2020.

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    After the recent server restart or fix, IOS keys started dropping in island of blood. (finally)
    So now the biggest question everyone has is do the bosses in each of these Island of souls rooms drop elites, or even V2 s5e elites. So on behalf of the server, can the GM or someone please check the drop rate of said bosses to confirm what drops, and if the bosses are dropping correctly. We only ask because this game has a history of having items that do not drop, or stop dropping after a patch. (8th skill, leviathan pet, elites, v2 s5e elites, and so on as examples of broken drops.)


    Xrail (Guan)
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    yeah update us if you happen to check the drop rate of IOS keys. 4-5 boss per key and ive been getting only mats.
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    The Island of Souls Key has been confirmed to drop on the Island of Blood Maps make sure that you register all "Island of Souls 1 Key" from 1 - 6. We were able to test the bosses on the Island of Blood Realms and the drops are working as intended. It does take several attempts just like any other giant boss in game, but we were able to get some (Elite) drops.

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