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    After level 25 there isn't any point in leveling up its basically pointless. there needs to be carat awards for leveling up keeping players investing time in leveling up or playing the game in general. This can be fixed by adding in items that can be earned for example.

    500-5,000 carats. (level 35+)
    1 Daily quest reward box. (level 30+)
    1 Gemstone generator. (level 25+)
    1 Mystery box. (level 25+)
    1 Lesser enchant card. (level 25 - 35)
    1 New enigma chest. (level 25+)
    1 abc or 123 t shirt box. (level 25 - 30)
    These items can be mixed and matched based off leveling and received upon leveling up. This will make buying carat items a little easier and keep casual players interested in the game much longer.
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