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    This mode for all we know can be cancled, changed, could just die on us and so on.

    For now, This will be updated with the mode itself. This guide will show a tier of items that are very good/dangerous in this mode. It will have information on how they work and how to be countered.


    No -->STR:Armor has been greatly nerfed. Before 1str = 1arm. 1 arm would cancel out 1str. We had the yellow mong as the only item that would give you a % bonus of the total stat which would be INSANE. Items would also give more ARM than STR. Now that the tables have turned, STR beats ARM flatout. However, Comparing Pure STR to STR with ARM+HP is a whole other story.

    No--->STR+ARM+HP:If you just have STR, you can deal damage faster. But the second someone puts up mediocre armor, with a very close STR to your own. Damn will his damage be better than yours applied to him. The possibility to build all 3 stats is really better than just flatout str and is easy to build..

    Yes--->STR+ARM+HP+SPD: You also need to take account of exocores with damage is applied fixed. HP can be useful for that as well as countering STR itself mixed in with ARM. Don't forget, Its not 1v1 rules or 1v1 period. It can be free for all. Now if Food is on, Speed can be highly important. Speed is also highly important when certain exocores and scrolls are in use. Black Dragon and Parkour will be extreme dangerous with speed. Metatron Red Sword, if your opponent has enough speed to stick onto you is also very dangerous. Too much speed is bad, Not enough too. Not enough is self explainatory. You won't drift as well, get to food fast, dodge exocores or create/close distance. Too fast however and your aim/precision will be bad.

    2)Pouch Items: This can varie. 2x Panic is a must. I would say HP potion is a must too. The final item can be your choice. Confuse bombs, ice bombs, omni sensor, another form of HP. If you need abit of SP (Or make your opponent think you have no more juice). The final slot is up to you. I wouldn't go for any CRI however.

    3)Back Items: Current Meta, Edging = No coin. You would be a fool to revive. Shells is a must. +1 str is nothing compared to shells. I would suggest the Milk Bottles as they are hardest to break. Even if they do not give stats.

    4)Scrolls: This will come down to 2 things. How OP can you get and how good are you with that item? Forget sage honnestly. You will dish out damage yes, But its bad for 1v1. Its slow. You need to take the kills and be able to survive. A 1v1 scroll is a must for this mode. Yellow Dragon RE + Blood Dragon are your best bets. But they are very rare. Any top 10 scroll in RE or BF edition will be an amazing choice. Parkour also.

    5)Exocores: Face it, Metatron exocores are at the top right here. Bracelet of the Elementalist can be too. Nightmare claw has huge I-frames with a huge hitbox. There is alot of counter play possible, But in general if you don't have a counter-play item, you won't get far.

    Metatron Swords and Spear are ultimately the best 3 exocores for this mode. Blue Sword beats Red Sword and is very safe.. Red Sword applies most pressure in 1v1 with highest burst.. Spear requires judgement but can destroyed crowds and players once cought in the skill cycle.

    Some exocores however, while not as good as these 3, Can shut them down. Blue Sword can be countered by skill, Where as Red Sword can stall 1v1 by forcing V+B over and over again, mixing it with grabs to win without no real counter play, unless its a specific exocore.

    To beat the Blue sword, You need to avoid the Dash at all costs. Block it with an angle if not and you will be grabbed. The B skill, if you hit, will cause a counter. Its also useless to hit cause the user has full god mode almost and guard breaks with a huge hit box. Your best bet is to jump alot and punish the exocore user on his huge cool downs. They tend to do 1 skill after the other due to these huge cooldowns.

    To beat the spear, You need to avoid the confuse at all costs. Its fast, huge AoE. Confuses for very long. The charge up is a huge guard break AoE that can be angled to chase you. Almost impossible to dodge. If ever the guy stops charging, its blockable, but insanely fast. Its hitbox impact doesnt have alot of duration so it can be countered with attacks.

    Exocores like Thunder Swords where you force a AoE with duration will force people to get hit or block. Its long V skill will give you enough god mode to avoid certain attacks(maybe not fully) but enough to get your exocore hit in and reset pressure.
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    How to beat HumoLoco? :<

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