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    From now until 6:00 PM, August 29, you'll be able to grab our exclusive Monthly Package from our Marketplace! Read on for the full details of this special, limited time sale!

    New Marketplace Item: Monthly Package (Costume) (Unopened Box is tradable)
    • Item Bonus Card (10) - 100% Item Drop Card, 30 minutes (Cannot Trade, Can Store)
    • 5X Exp Bonus Card (5) - 400% Experience Card, 60 minutes (Cannot Trade, Cannot Store)
    • Fine Costume Coupon (10) - Coupon to make Fine Costume (Can Trade, Can Store)
    • Blue Dragon's Treasure Box (1) - Lucky Box (Cannot Trade, Can Store)
    • Blood Essence (20) - Materials for dragon blood (Can Trade, Can Store)

    Sale Period: Friday, August 26 to Monday, August 29 6:00 PM Pacific

    Find this amazing deal in the "ETC" section of the Convenient/Effect tab of the marketplace!

    Note: Unopened Box is tradable. Once open, certain items are not tradable and is Bound to the character.
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