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    Tengoryu Karate
    Description: Haohzanretsuken wai otoko sen kagini, omai ga shiro wao taosu koto nado dekiru wa!!!
    Price: 1050cc
    Opinion: Mask man once strong fight man. Mask man gone but still strong fight man. Now thousand punch fist make you strong fight man.

    Difficulty to use: Hard-
    Difficulty to master: Moderate+
    Potential: High
    Tier: A-

    Combo Chart
    PPPPP - [535]
    PPKP - [290/398*]
    KKKK - [485]
    KP - [298]
    K(G+K) - [240/90*]
    kG - [350]
    P+G - [230]
    K+G - [245]

    -Momentary Violence Fist-
    80 90 100 35-35-35-35 125 - [535]
    1st punch has moderate reach and movement but it's straight-forward hitbox requires accuracy. Follow up punch has a slightly better hitbox but still requires accuracy and has medium block/hit stun. The 3rd input has potentially the best hitbox in the whole combo along with decent delay. 4th input throws a four punch flurry that will ALWAYS do fixed damage even in the air. Nothing too stellar about the 5th punch. Everything is very jerky which at first makes timing your delays difficult but can be played to your advantage with skill.

    Shouran Kyaku
    -Soaring Riot Leg-
    80 90 120 180/108* [290]
    Launcher has amazing recovery and very heavy delay, much more than the 3rd punch. Unlike like other blowout launchers the enemy will land much faster leaving you a minimal window to juggle where stepping will usually cause you to miss but you can angle your juggle left/right easily due to this. Can advance nanmu from this point during a juggle combo.

    -Heavenly Dragon Fist-
    80 90 120 180/108* [398]
    A surprise uppercut fencer. Unlike most other followup attacks to launchers this one can actually connect after a successful launch and even angle them.

    -Devil Wheel-
    90 100 65-65 165 [485]
    Fearless 1st kick. Pencak's 1st kick. Despite how initially recycled they feel they are infact a reverse copy of Karate's 1-2 kicks. Both inputs have little to no angling. 3rd kick is a reverse of Karate's PK multi-kick but has much longer delay. Final kick has a gigantic hit box that can angle both left and right or sometimes even hit behind you.The first 3 inputs of the combo require solid accuracy but it's almost impossible to miss the 4th.

    Mouko Burai Gan
    -Fierce Tiger Bandit Boulder-
    90 100 180/108* [298*]
    Multi-hit fencer that pops them up on the first hit then fences them on the next. Hit boxes are identical to the 3rd and 5th punches of the punch combo. This attack will miss a lot when angled do to it's straight striking hit-boxes.

    Kawara Wari
    -Tile Splitter-
    90 150/90* [240]
    BU launcher. Ground hit. Angles left. Recovers very fast.

    Haoh Zanretsuken
    -Supreme Momentary Violence Fist-
    35 35 35 35 35 35 140 [350]
    Potentially being the most outrageous attack in all of Rumble Fighter, this kG executes a six punch sequence that if ANY of them hit it creates another six hit vacuum combo ending with a seventh hit knocking them back. Can easily demolish thru other combos and/or catch several foes to easily earn Best Combo with it's slight start up invulnerability. If you get hit out of it mid-combo the punches have VERY rewarding hit stun. Can nanmu cancel out at any point for an easy guaranteed nanmu. Also capable of catching foes out of the air and reseting them to standing including catching after a PPK or K(G+K) launch if they don't lag.

    Tomoe Nage
    -Overhead Throw-
    Kyokushin Karate's grab.

    -Way of the Eight Extremities-
    80 165 [245]
    Multi-hit counter capable of hitting people that werent even originally countered. 2nd kick can miss if mispositioned but on rare occassion will kick an opponents back.

    Tenguryuu Ranbu
    -Tengu Style Boisterous Dance-
    50 35 30 45 40 55 30 20-25 55 45 20-20-20-20 50 108
    Decently high damaging nanmu ending with a popup fencer.

    Highest Damaging Juggle
    PPK P~ P~ PPPPP K(G+K)

    Kishin Geki
    -Demon God Attack-
    Advanced Nanmu
    You can also advance off of the K(G+K) but PPK does more damage and has equally good recovery.

    Shin Kishin Sanga Geki
    -True Elder Demon God Attack-
    Hypothesized Advanced Nanmu
    Extremely difficult to land without help from the Stage but if it does they probably won't be getting back up.
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