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    Hello Fighters!

    We would like to thank everyone that signed up, and is excited, for the Scroll Masters 2 vs 2 Tournament! The turnout has been amazing! Everyone's excitement and competitiveness has inspired our team and moderators to provide a smooth and wonderful experience for this tournament. We hope that it will inspire more of you to participate in future tournaments.

    As we begin the tournament, please remember to be mindful of other players and spectators. Though some light trashtalking may be allowed in a fighting game, let’s not forget to have respect for our opponents and the moderators that have graciously volunteered for this tournament. At the end the day, the true winners are those that show great sportsmanship for their peers, win or lose. Thank you to everyone in advance for a great tournament!

    If you would like to watch some of the games in the First Round, please head on over to one of our moderator's Twitch channel for some of the action.


    Have a blast!
    [GM]Shadow, the Rumble Team, and moderators
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