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    Creating A Room:
    Header)Make the 3 top buttons Battle/Rumble/Adventure Modes and once clicked, Boxes under show the various modes.

    Battle Mode)This would feature the pretty much basic modes without special features. Regular Battle, Classic, True, AI and 1v1

    Rumble Mode)Arena, King Of The Hill, Moving screen, Caged Beast, Potion Battle, Capture the flag, save the princess, etc could be merged together. Currently we can't mix "Rumble Modes" in a single room like we use to be able to. (It is now limited to 3 rounds of the selected mode and room has to be remade)

    -AI Mode woul be removed from top 3 boxes and added to Battle Mode, Opening up the slot for Rumble Mode

    -Add popup menu for Enable/Disable Exocores owned in the Room




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