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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by [GM]Gourdy, Apr 21, 2016.

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    Hello, forum visitors, and thanks for passing by!​

    While you're here, feel free to browse around our forums. There's lots of activity in General Discussion, where players meet to discuss current happenings of Rumble Fighter and other related topics!

    If you want to keep up with the official news and events of RedFox Rumble Fighter, head on over to Announcements for this information. Make note of the Archive, too, if you'd like to know about past events!

    Got an issue? Go ahead and post it to Game Help and Tips, where players who have experienced the same issue may offer solutions to quickly move past your problem! Otherwise, remember to send in a ticket, here. Never, ever share personal information on the forums, or anywhere!

    The Rumble Fighter community is never short on content and feedback, so take a look at player suggestions over at Suggestions - constructive input is always welcome to help original posters better shape their ideas. Otherwise, please browse the Creative Corner, where Rumble Fighter's artists gather to show off their artistic skills!

    Match Planning is useful to meet up with other players to set up a date match time, and the Guild section is for all things Guild-related!

    Want to talk about DANk MEMes BROOO, real-world events, or the color of your snot? Head on over to Off Topic. Be ware! It gets hectic sometimes.

    Enjoy your stay, but please remember to abide by RedFox's Forum Rules!​

    Note: This post is subject to change.
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