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    Mar 21, 2016
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    I have been playing this game since i was 10 which was in 2010.I still play till today and i still love it as much as i used to.When ogp announced the transfer i was very disappointed but at the same time i was very hopeful thinking about future changes to my favorite game but,not all dreams come to reality as i soon realized that the game was not improving in anyway and was instead becoming inflated and slowly dying.Though i have been seeing the things that are going on and was very quiet about it, I feel that I, as a member of the community should speak out.I feel that if we want to save this game with must talk to the current provider or else we would lose this part of our childhood.One does not have to be a scientist to notice that the game is slowly dying and its just a matter of time before the provider announce the closing of the game.Before that i would like to provide my take on what should be improved in the game in hopes of being able to make a difference and saving it.

    I know that many of our players wants and trading system.As someone who has been playing this game for a long time,I can positively say that many new players has quit the game due to being scammed by others.I believe that we as a community and you guys as the provider should team up to fix this problem and keep the game alive.What I am suggesting is a trading system.I know that you guys are thinking that it will make the provider lose a lot of money.Well here is my idea of how it should be.I believe that the trading system would work like a job board but instead it would consist of trading offers.The offers could then be divided into sections such as scroll,exo,hats,face,top,bottom,shoes and etc.The trading would be done by the players while the system acts as a mediator of the trades.You might be thinking, What do i mean by that.What i mean is that for example,someone makes a post requesting metatron and offering 1k rc. Lest say that someone has the money for metatron, then all that person would have to do is select the request read the terms and agreements which would be added and then click agree.The system would then check both players info and then look at the requester's info to see if they have the 1k rc that is being offered,then the system would also check to see if the person who is accepting the request has the right amount of carats to pay for the requested item.If the process check out then the carats would then be removed from the reciever's account and the scroll would then be sent to the requester and the 1k rc would be added to the account of the accept-er. This system would insure the legitimacy of the transactions on Rumble Fighter and end the scammings that are scaring away the new players.There an also be a direct currency trade and also trade limits to avoid the spamming of the system.The direct currency trade could be taxed to keep a balance and encourage players to use the item trade.The trade can only be done with items in store or it would result in a massive lost of profit for the provider which may end up in the shutting down of the game.

    The second thing that i feel needs improvement would have to be the player to player system of the game.I like many people have to say that it does not work.The lag from such a system is too much.This is also one of the reason that rumble fighter get such a bad review on steam.It is due to the lag that the game has.I believe that spending an extra amount of cash on a server for the game instead of using a player to player type server would help in the long run.Thus it is very important to improve the sever from a player to player to a solid server where if you lag then your character just stops moving like in the game League of Legends.

    I very much hope that this has been read by a gm or a person in the management of the game and is being considered to be added to the game.To all those who have taken the time to read my long paragraphs, thank you and i hope you can support my idea so we can change this game for the better and not lose a part of our childhood.
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    As much as there are some of us that want change. Honestly a lot do but idk
    Too many cancer kids now a days plus, I dont think Gourdy or rlly any1 cares about anything expect milking peoples pockets
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