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    I understand I am taken a Nuker role with WuTang Black Tortoise. I am Opening Chi 3 and have no clue how to distribute the attributes.
    I just reset all my attributes from Clan base and tried looking for a master in game, but havent found one yet.
    Leveling up was easier with my Basic attacks(Basic Sword) than with my nuker spells. What am I doing wrong?
    Appreciate any help.
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    You are not doing wrong in anything yet (because there is nothing to actually do wrong right now). The game changed and is pretty hard on newcomer. Therefore some tips to get out of your probs:
    First. @Eroine put up some nice statsbased information you should check out (eg. game is 80% about gear and 20% about stats)
    Additionally you should find a League/Band. They can plvl you up to a reasonable lvl ingame, where u can start out. If there is no white clan, come pm me we will take you in on black side.
    Short answer to nuker:
    Nukers weak points is its glass canon function, at least it used to be.
    Stats are
    Str 8
    Ess 8
    Wis (check weapon)
    Cons Rest
    Dex (Check weapon)

    BUT since you are a newcomer your items should be like most basic crappy - do nothing - thingies.
    Therefore maybe put some points in Ess as well.
    You have the opportunity to reset your stats 3 times in Hefei at a quest right at the centre, do it wise.
    Additionally you will be redistributing you stats at lvl 108 or so.
    You can change your role (once) until Rising Light 12 in clanbase.
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