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    Always the garbage nolife nhaaers who think everything is on video and don't know what they're talking about riding Branz stay in your lane
    Bring any 1v1er you consider skilled to this thread who isn't biased and they will disagree with it

    I'm not trying to beef with you I'm pointing out that the scroll tiers aren't placed correctly and instead of asking me what exactly do I think is wrong and coming to a resolution you proceed to insult me like you're not 4 years older than me
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    If you're pointing out scrolls are played incorrectly, Then give an opinion. Until then; You're talking for nothing cause you're giving me no information to work with besides arrogance and insult.

    As stated in the thread, This is based off of General play, which includes 1v1, with possibilities of terrain, obstacles, other players with team, ffa and 1v1 conditions. However this scroll guide rates scrolls with a clean, easy to use combo that has priority with its first hit of its kick combo as a priority seeing how it is the most effective way to give a response or attack that can only be stopped with a panic; Will be rated highly off of that followed by other assets.
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